Musharraf all praise for Chitralis, asks MNA-elect to sit in opposition

CHITRAL, May 23: Former president general (retired) Pervez Musharraf has extolled the people of Chitral for their fidelity and voting  his party canditaes in the May 11 gneration elections. 

MNA-elect Shahzada Iftikharuddin, while talking to this correspondent from Islamabad after meeting the former president on Thursday, said the APML chief advised him to sit in the opposition benches but lend ready support to the government on the policies beneficial to the country and the nation and vehemently oppose if it does otherwise.
He said that Musharraf expressed his gratitude to him when he offered to vacate the seat to him after his release from the jail and said he will consider the offer in a proper time and will come to Chitral to thank the people who honoured him in his hour of distress and tribulation.
The former president of Pakistan assured the MNA-elect and district president of APML Chitral chapter Shahzada Khalid Parvaiz that in his individual capacity he will use his contacts to generate funds for the mega project (Lowari tunnel).
He also expressed his strong desire to have reunion with the people of Chitral soon after his release and thank them and said nothing was dearer to him than the progress of this backward district for which he lavishly granted development funds when was in power. He also praised the people of Chitral for their commitment to peace and their total rejection of terrorism and said that the people of Chitral served as role model in their docility and peacefulness to the whole country.–Zahiruddin


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