Musharraf: rough treatment

IT is most unfortunate that lawyers are gunning for Pervez Musharraf and no suo motu action is being taken by the judges. I am a die-hard anti-Musharraf person, but cannot change the fact that he was the president and the army chief and deserves to be dealt with dignity.

It is time that all segments, especially the lawyers, show some maturity and refrain from activism him.

Musharraf did what he thought was right but now he is being tried in a court of law. Now why is he being harassed and humiliated?

We must accord him due respect as he is not a convict yet but an accused only.

Of all the people it is the lawyers who are creating all this fuss against him.

Do they not believe in courts? If I were the chief justice of Pakistan, I would have pardoned him for all the sins against judiciary as there is no way that judiciary is in a position to do justice.



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