Pakistan: Media & Anti State Propaganda

By Zaheerul Hassan

Media is an instrument of war and peace, which is being exercised by every nations to mould the situations for the purpose of acquiring desired results, assist in revisions and making Foreign Policy, breaking status quo, making/changing the opinion of masses, protecting national and international interests, helping in economic growth by displaying positive picture of the policies, last but not the least indicating flaws in government policies/actions with a view to remove the bugs and suggest measures to improve. The lethal exploitation of media has also being made by terrorists organizations, notorious foreign agencies and their masters to expand ill motives through propagating various sectarian issues and promoting extremism in Pakistani society. Major powers especially America and her allies are using this tool to hit and exploit the sensitivity of the government policies and neutralizing those important institutions and their heads, which are directly related to the national integrity and security of the poor states. In the case of our country, its quite clear and alarming that anti state ulterior and interior forces are all out to push Pakistan into political turmoil, anarchy, instability with a view to fulfill their set objectives against lonely Islamic nuclear power. Our adversary is using the media in spreading rumors, creating chaos and confusion amongst the general masses of Pakistan. She is being directly supported by Tel Aviv, Washington, and some of western countries for leveling allegations against, Pakistani political and military leadership. In this regard, they are launching fabricated stories and maligning intelligence agencies and Armed forces in various undesired activities.

An agony to this aspect is that some of our top liner’s electronic and print media’s instruments are showing reckless attitude while dealing with the important and sensitive issues of Pakistan. Though the management of our front line newspaper committed that the letter has been published unintentionally in the paper but the damaged caused to our national asset is irrecoverable. Its not first news ever published in Pakistani newspaper but many times objectionable news do publish or telecasted too in various private electronic channels. On April 14, 2009 open letter to General Kayani of Col (R) Harish Puri’s published in “The News International” , the author ( Hharish Puri ) has equated Swat peace accord with the surrender at Dhaka. He has further tried to project the threat of so called Talibanisation to India through Pakistan. And most painful point was his desire to have Pakistani soldiers under command Indian officers, making an ideal war machine. The Colonel has done a favour to remind us of 1971 humiliating defeat; thereby telling the younger generation of soldiers; who is our real enemy. The colonel should know that Indian and US has orchestrated personal agenda; bring Pakistan to the brink of political collapse. The real motive of this letter, which is to discourage the Army to support Swat Peace Accord that has been expressed as collective, will of the people of Pakistan through the resolution passed by National Assembly. The Colonel must know that we have started learning from the history example of East Pakistan finally plunging into Indian design due to obsession of Generals of that time, with the notion of writ of govt. The earlier we have realized, the better it is. Otherwise the Indian desire to look for a greater role in Afghanistan should be seen as replay of 1971 from across the Western border. The Colonel being a nonbeliever may not understand the power of Islamic ideology. If, for a while we assume that suicide bombers were motivated through Islamic ideology to die for a cause then we should stretch our imaginations as to what wonders can we perform if we motivate ourselves to live in accordance with the injunctions of Islam. And that happens to be the collective desire of the people of Pakistan as enunciated in our constitution. Probably the time has come for operationalization of Article 2A of 1973 Constitution. Therefore, the Colonel correctly perceives the threat to Hind. The history of distant past may repeat itself as threat actually emanates from the land of Babur, Ghaznavi and Ghauri. Notwithstanding the circumstances that led to the passage of resolution by National Assembly, it should not be seen as collapse of the present system or failure of the state, but the will to move forward towards accomplishment of Pakistan – as desired by our forefathers, who decided to lead their lives as per own ideology that differentiated them from Harish Puri’s pitta and maata. So Mr Harishpuri, and his masters should remember that their dream to command a Pakistani soldier is a misplaced desire. He must know that Pakistan Army Chief and complete armed forces are die hearted soldiers and has full conviction and belief in Islam. I know that the letter has been written in RAW’S headquarters and accordingly sent for publishing. The sole purpose of this letter was an effort of defaming Pakistan Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies. it is based on his perception of the motivational power of Islamic ideology then he must write to his own Army Chief to enroll Muslims of India, who are more in number than us and need to be uplifted beyond cobblers, barbers and washer men.

Coming back towards the topic I would like to say that during the past few years electronic media has progressed well, almost 60 Channels are covering various aspects of the life. The issue of prevailing security environment is rightly on the top of their agenda. Unfortunately, the national and international issues are being debated just to have an edge over other channels. In Pakistan media and judiciary are known as third and fourth pillar, principally, the first and second pillars, the Executive and the Legislature of the Pakistan. The country is under going a very critical situation due to the war on terror and other factors. Let’s evaluate that under the current environment our media is displaying its responsibilities or still need improvement? The answer will be yes but still require lot of improvement in this regard. It is quite evident that one way or other the intellectual lot of media remained anxious in restoring of democracy; at the same time some of them indirectly found projecting the illegal activities of terrorists and anti state elements. Here, I would like to suggest to media pundit and information ministry to devise to guarding our national interests and policies. Training should be given to reporters about looking while covering the sensitive matters and commenting upon the national issues. Information minister should also arrange regular press briefing of the media. The complete facts should be highlighted to the media; similarly media should also show responsibility while making any issue in air. Anyhow, media should counter anti state propaganda instead proving space for anti Pakistan writers in their publication to win the goodwill and making money at the cost of national integrity and security


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