28th February 2009

MQM Founder & Leader has stated that the country is passing through a very critical phase and facing internal as well as external threat. At this moment, the country is in need of unity, concord and harmony. The country is not in a position to witness confrontation and sustain any violence. It is the need of time that all political and religious parties should refrain from confrontational politics. Our top priority should be to tackle these threats and difficulties faced by the country and take the country out of this very critical phase. Unfortunately, some leaders are currently engaged in personal politics and giving priority to their personal benefits over the country. This in no way is appropriate. Quoting the bad shape of economy Mr Hussain said that the world is also facing economic crisis, big departmental stores and banks are shutting down, unemployment is on the rise and we are busy in personal politics and seeking personal incentives. It is high time to look into our economy; however, ironically we are busy in spreading instability by discrediting the judiciary and criticising the judges. When one does not appear personally before the courts to defend him and remains absent from the scene then how and what will the court decide. If everyone is allowed to have his preferred judiciary and judges then is it possible to have an independent judiciary. On the one hand they were not recognising the judiciary and refused to appear before the courts but on the other hand they sent lawyers to contest the case and also arranged for their legal defence. He also reminded Nawaz Sharif that he had established military courts in Sindh.

Commenting on the Governor Rule imposed in Punjab Mr Hussain said that any democratic party will not support this decision but the judiciary and judges are being targeted and criticised, foul language is being used against the President. To protest peacefully is a democratic right but use of violence and damaging the memorial of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi is not acceptable. He said that when Nawaz Sharif will preach to the police and bureaucracy to refuse Government orders then this will tantamount to civil disobedience and, therefore, the Governor Rule became inevitable. He asked that why is it being preached not to obey Government orders? The language Nawaz Sharif is using seems that he has forgotten that under the guise of 72 Big Fish in the name of Dacoits and Kidnapers for ransom an Army Operation was launched against the MQM on 19th June 1992. This list was also presented in the National Assembly. During this Operation thousands of MQM leaders, workers, supporters and their relatives were extra-judicially killed and illegally arrested. Nawaz Sharif should also remember the time when he imposed Governor Rule in Sindh on 1998 and blamed the MQM without any evidence, which lasted for 11 months. At that time, the MQM was a coalition partner and in 1992 as well when the Operation was launched. How can you term your acts of launching an operation and imposing Governor Rule as legitimate, but if someone else does the same then it is not right. At the same time, you also call for civil disobedience. This is an act of treachery especially at the time when the country is faced with internal and external threats and is in need of solidarity and solidarity. If you are not in Government then all similar acts are wrong and if you are in Government then they are correct – what kind of politics is this? Despite the resolution of APC of London that MQM should not be contacted in future, after the General Elections of 18th February 2008, the MQM wholeheartedly accepted the mandate of all political parties that emerged as victorious including the PML-N.

Mr Hussain announced that the MQM has decided to hold a peaceful protest rally at Tibet Centre in Karachi to demonstrate against the elements who damaged the memorial of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi. He hoped that peace loving and democratic people of Pakistan will participate in large numbers in this rally. He said that God willing tomorrow the world will see where the public support lies and people from all walks of life will participate in large numbers including Sindhi speaking Sindhis, Urdu speaking Sindhis, Pakhtoons, Punjabis, Hazarewal, Kashmiris, Seraikis and representatives from all religions. He appealed to all to come out in large numbers to peacefully protest and demonstrate their unity and solidarity. He also appealed to leaders and workers of the PPP, other political parties and all righteous people to come out and participate. He announced that the Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and other provincial ministers from PPP have also confirmed their participation. The CM Sindh will also be addressing the rally.

Mr Hussain appealed to Nawaz Sharif and his party to act democratically and register their protest peacefully as the country is passing through a very critical phase. He appealed to him to remain peaceful and protest but do not preach for civil disobedience and not to use foul language against the President, Prime Minister and judiciary. He warned that others can use such language as well.

Mr. Altaf Hussain was addressing the office bearers, workers and supporters of the MQM Labour Division on the occasion of 22nd annual convention of the MQM Labour Division at Lal Qilla Ground Azizabad, Karachi. Also present on the occasion were the Members of MQM Central Coordination Committee.


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