London – 27th February 2009

MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain while commenting on the Supreme Court judgement to disqualify PML-N leader Mr Nawaz Sharif and former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has stated that this decision is not of President Asif Ali Zardari and is in fact the judgement of the Supreme Court, therefore, it is not appropriate to blame President Zardari for this decision. He said that when Mr Nawaz Sharif does not recognise the current Supreme Court, has been terming it as illegitimate and does not appear before these courts then he should have stopped the lawyers of their proposer and seconder from appearing before the same court.

He said that terming the Supreme Court judges as incompetent, illegitimate and traitors tantamount to contempt of court. Mr Hussain also expressed his resentment on the language used by Mr Nawaz Sharif against President Asif Ali Zardari and the Supreme Court after the decision. He said that despite having differences with the country’s President, it is not appropriate for Mr Nawaz Sharif to use uncivilised and unsuitable words against the President. He said that it is Mr Nawaz Sharif’s right to approach the courts for a review of the decision but it is not proper to criticise the President on this decision.

Mr Hussain was critical of Mr Nawaz Sharif’s speech whereby he prompted the police, bureaucracy and other official institutions for civil disobedience and termed this against the security of the country, unity, stability and against all democratic principles. Mr Hussain earnestly appealed to Mr Nawaz Sharif not to use such language which smells of civil disobedience. He asked Nawaz Sharif not to indulge in confrontational and aggressive politics and instead of adopting the path of civil disobedience he should choose the legal and constitutional path for the resolution of all issues. He also reminded Mr Nawaz Sharif to remember his actions during his previous tenure when under the guise of 72 Big Fish an Army Operation was launched against the MQM and in 1998 Governor’s Rule was imposed in Sindh.

Mr Hussain said that the MQM strongly appeals to Mr Nawaz Sharif to seek the relief against the Supreme Court decision through legal and constitutional means. The country is faced with internal and external threats; therefore, for God’s sake he should not take decisions based on ego or personal liking or disliking. He acknowledged that peaceful protest is Nawaz Sharif’s democratic right and he should adopt peaceful means so that the enemies of the country are not provided with an opportunity to benefit from this situation. Mr Hussain said that the country is faced with threats and difficulties and is not in a position to endure confrontational politics. He said that if those claiming to be the representatives of Punjab province will take decisions against the aspirations of the people of other provinces then it will not be beneficial for the country’s stability.


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