Pervez Musharraf plans to launch own party “Pasdaran-e-Pakistan” &

Pervez Musharraf took over Islamabad not as part of a plan. It was an accident of history where his own life was in jeopardy. His illegal and unconstitutional act would have been very short lived, had it not been for being at the right place at the right time. 911 saved him and he was able to rule for the best part of the decade. Ironically the last decade was also a tenure when Pakistanis felt secure and affluent. After the decade long sanctions on Pakistan, Islamabad experienced a spell of prosperity that came to a grinding halt with the advent of the new popular government. The death of Benazir and the coronation of  Asif Zardari caught most Pakistanis by surprise. Many relish the days of Pervez Musharraf.

After eight years of rule in Pakistan, the former President retired Gen. Parvez Musharraf is now thinking of donning the Presidential suit by a more democratic method.

Musharraf is thinking of launching a new political party in Pakistan, which he will be using as his vehicle to the country’s top post.

Quoting sources privy to the former President, said that a political party named “Pasdaran-e-Pakistan” is expected to be launched by the ex-military ruler.

“When the general euphoria that followed the elections of February 18th ,2008, was replaced by a general sense of disappointment because of the dismal performance of the new government, he (Musharraf) felt the time was right to step into politics,” quoted a source, as saying. Written by, Tuesday, 03 February 2009 18:19

Even though he was very unpopular at the tail end of his tenure, there were years when he enjoyed 80% popularity. Today the roles seem to be reversing. Mr. Zardari’s polls are on the gutter and Mr. Sharif has made a few blunders that have dented his appeal. Mr. Musharraf may dream of another stint in power, this time through the ballot box, but the road to the presidency is laden with thorns.

He had invited a select group of apex Pakistan Muslim League (Q) legislators, in April last year to the Presidency, and expressed his desire to “repackage” the League.

But almost all of the leaders attending the meeting had opposed the idea.

It was the former Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani who had suggested to Musharraf to float a new party called Pasdaran-e-Pakistan, rather than repackage the PML-Q.

However, people in the Musharraf camp perceived that the name Pasdaran would perhaps suggest orthodoxy. A newer, more modern name was needed. So a new name, Civil Society Alliance (CSA) came up.

The board of the CSA office in Islamabad now reads Pasdaran-e-Pakistan, which suggests that Musharraf is readying himself to gain people sympathy after the ‘failure’ of the present democratic set-up in the country.


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