Musharraf opposes Swat peace deal

ARY News Reports

ISLAMABAD: Former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, while criticizing the government over Swat peace deal, has termed the agreement between the NWFP government and local Taliban insurgents as ridiculous.

“Its really ridiculous to sign a deal with those who killed hundreds of army personnel in Swat,” an apparently-charged Musharraf told media persons in a press conference here Monday, his first official-media appearance since his resignation last year.

Former president clarified that he never said that security of Benazir Bhutto, PPP’s slain chairperson, was dependent on her relations with him.

“I never told Ms. Benazir Bhutto that her security was dependent on her relations with me. I can never utter such cheap words.”

Musharraf denied allegations regarding the double deal with Taliban, terming such allegations as distortion and fabrication of the facts.

“I was not alone in whatever I did in my eight years, but the international alliance shared the same. Why no one made such allegations when I was in power,” Musharraf asked angrily pointing towards the media reports questioning his seriousness in war on terror.

Referring a book hit the stands recently, Musharraf observed, “I don’t know what the writer was trying to prove but what he has written is far from the fact and completely distorted. May be he was trying to create sensation.”

The book written by New York Times’ David E Sanger, titled “The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the challenges to American power” leveled serious allegations against Pakistan and its Army claiming that the ISI was absolutely in complete coordination with the Taliban.

Pervez Musharraf pointing to the author said: “You must show some character.”

“The allegations being leveled against the armed forces and intelligence agencies of the country will lead to the defeat in war on terror,” he claimed.

The former president said attempts are being made globally to malign the Pakistan’s armed forces.


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