Agreement of Nawaz Shareef and Shahbaz Shareef with “Dictator” Pervez Musharraf

An interesting Analysis by Saleem

Well, Nawaz and his goons think that Pakistani citizens (and also judges) are idiots to the core; that is why they are making such silly statements and were making such silly statements since day one.

Nawaz was not Saudi National convicted and imprisoned in Pakistan for crime related to Saudi Arabia and was serving jail terms on that crime, that Nawaz needed agreement with Saudi government to get free from Pakistani jail and flee to Saudi Arabia. His nationality and crime both was related to Pakistan, and if he got free from prison it has to be an agreement with President Musharraf who was in power in Pakistan when that agreement happened and he fled to Saudi Arabia.

Obviously he was in Saudi Arabia on agreement as no one can live in Saudi Arabia without passport and visa. If there was no agreement, he would have got deported from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. He never criticizes Saudi Arabia that they kept him against his will and did not deport him to Pakistan.

These goons (Nawaz and his crook supporters) think that Pakistanis are so stupid that they would not understand how a criminal convicted and sentenced prison terms, serving 21 years jail sentence could leave the country and would start living in Saudi Arabia without the permission and consent of President Musharraf (who was in power when this happened, that is in year 2000).

Nawaz and his goons claim that under no international law a government can send citizen to exile, than they should know that when a person is convicted prisoner, it is up to government to keep that prisoner where they want to, be that in the country or out of the country. A convicted prisoner and free citizen are two different entities. Many rights that a free citizen of a country has do not exist for prisoners and one of those rights is where that prisoner is kept.

These men (Nawaz and Shahbaz) were in prison on such unforgivable crime that no sane person in the world could have even dared to do that crime neither could have had that power to do that in any civilised country (not even President of USA or Prime minister of UK), that is to try to stop a plane land on schedule flight (carrying civilian passengers) returning to its own mother country that could have resulted in death of all passengers on the plane, including many women and children.

Nawaz and Shahbaz are lucky that they encountered a military dictator that had some morality and soft heart and was not like Zia-ul-Haq or any other dictator, as if it was another person instead of Pervaiz Musharraf, he would not have let Nawaz go free alive and would have victimized every member of their family. Here, Musharraf kept giving them concessions even when they were serving their prison terms in Saudi Arabia.

Nevertheless, if this convicted baygaraat prisoners (Nawaz ganga and his brother) is so upset on the arrangement they were given (as concession) than they should be brought to Pakistan to spend their unspent time in prison of Pakistan. It was greatness of President Musharraf that these monkeys were lying and dancing throughout sitting outside Pakistan, talking against their own forgiver (‘mohsin’) hiding from all what they did and that they were free living in west because of President Musharraf (even though all intelligent person knew that they were lying).

Atnee baygartee kay baygartee kee bhie haad kar dee in logon nay … jhoot per jhoot … aur phir yea samjhna kay sarie qaum baywaqoof hay.

Obviously, there is no reason for Musharraf to squash Nawaz conviction other than due to blackmailing by Saudi Arabia that resulted in that agreement. Anyhow, since agreement seems to have finished as Nawaz has broken many clauses of those agreements, I think that President should also stop being stupid to keep the agreement conditions on his part going. Since Nawaz started denying the existence of agreement, President should also start denying that any forgiveness of Nawaz convictions ever happened.

Now, president and government of Pakistan should start working to get Nawaz and his family back to Pakistan and send Nawaz along with Shahbaz to prison on hijacking case where Nawaz was spending his 21 years prison term. Plus government should start opening all cases against Nawaz Shareef on corruption charges.

Even if Nawaz hijacking case is proven to be forgiven by government (as that happened on condition that Nawaz would live for 10 years in Saudi Arabia), new cases could start by passengers of hijacked plane against Nawaz on pretext that Nawaz tried to kill them. Well, even if President’s case may not come to court as he was probably the main complaint against Nawaz on hijacking case and Nawaz may have got forgiven on that case, and even if no one could be found to file the case against Nawaz (that is very unlikely), at least Mrs Musharraf could file a case against Nawaz that he tried to kill her.

I hope that now President Musharraf should not let Nawaz get away from what he deserve, that is life in prison or could be even capital punishment on trying to kill so many passengers on that unfortunate PIA flight from Sri Lanka to Pakistan.


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