Can we forgive Mian Nawaz sharif?

BY: Mubasher Lucman

It seems someone wants to forgive him yet again! I was amazed to see this letter in my inbox, and I could not resist responding promptly. Let me know if you agree with my retort?

Dear Sir,
My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the start, and, when I confront him, he denies everything. What’s worse, everyone knows that he cheats on me. It is so degrading. Also, since he lost his job almost eight years ago, he hasn’t even looked for a new one. All he does every day is smoke cigars, travel around and B.S. with his buddies while I have to work to pay the bills. Since our daughter went away to college he doesn’t even pretend to like me and hints that I may be attracted to women. What should I do?

Signed: Clueless
Dear Clueless,
Grow up and dump him. Good grief, woman. You don’t need him anymore! You’re a Senator running for President of the United States. Act like one !!!

Can we ever learn to forgive all of those around us for making terrible mistakes again and again? Are you brave enough to forgive our politicians who constantly remind us we need democracy more than we require electricity (Kala Bagh Dam). Can you forgive those who wish to restore the constitution by breaking laws of the country? Who (Politicians) promise us jobs if they are brought to power but will refuse to pay their own party workers? Who brag about what all they did for us, things that we would rather not remember at all? If inquired they perhaps will struggle to recall the names of the ordinary folks who died for them in one of their rallies?

I love the Americans; they can forgive so easily, just about anyone who apologizes. Even when most of the offenses seem inexcusable. For instance I often wonder how Don King has managed to forgive his electrician. Wow! That’s why I have decided to do some forgiving myself as part of my New Year’s resolutions.

— I forgive film star Shaan for the poor show of “Ghunda No I.
— I forgive Waheed Hussain for all his shows on Business Plus.
— I forgive the Indians for all the hate movies they have made about Pakistan.
— I forgive Spider Man for stealing my son’s heart.
— I forgive Keanu Reeves for stealing my daughter’s hairstyle.
— I forgive Angelina Jolie for baring it all in a movie. What’s more I am eagerly waiting to forgive her again and again.

I have many Indian friends and they have never forgiven us for Pakistan. Every time one meets them they manage to speak with a renewed nostalgia, “Man I wish we were together. We are just the same, no?” “No”.

Indian space scientists believe they can reach the moon by 2009, an achievement that would prompt the kind of hoarse carnival that greeted the 1998 nuclear tests. Millions of people would be in complete rapture, especially if India gets to the moon before Pakistan. Never mind that India’s mission would trail America’s by almost five decades. Never mind that Russia too has already managed countless lunar missions. What matters is that India would be the first South Asian country to reach the moon and Pakistan would not.

On the other hand Pakistan’s lunar probe would probably be unmanned – and perhaps that’s a good thing. Who knows what would happen if an Indian landed on the moon at the same time as a Pakistani?

Business Plus Anchor: “What a historic day this has been. In
the morning, we had the first moon landing by Pakistan; in the
afternoon, we had the first moon landing by India; and in
the evening, we had the first moon assault.”

An unmanned probe might prevent the moon’s first crime, but
it would also be a missed opportunity to reward a few people
with a space trip. I can think of several politicians who
deserve to be sent to the moon, including Mian Nawaz Shareef, Wasi Zafar and Ijaz Ul Haq. That way, even if the space craft doesn’t return back to earth, the mission would be super successful far as I am concerned.

Last night I went to a dinner and amongst others there was an Indian journalist who is visiting Pakistan. He was telling all guests about the great strides Indian lunar trip has made in the recent years. I couldn’t help remind him briefly about the chronology of the Indian Space edition to-date:

1976: As Indira Gandhi cheers, India’s first rocket,
carrying three astronauts, travels from a launch pad outside
Delhi into a nearby banyan tree. The astronauts return to

1987: Rajiv Gandhi watches proudly as India’s second rocket,
carrying five astronauts, reaches the top of a 25-story
building. The astronauts are rewarded with apartments in the
same building.

2003: An Indian man becomes the first astronaut to land on
Venus, when he jumps on her at Wimbledon. Fortunately, the
tennis champion is unhurt.

I reminded Sri Balakishan politely that a trip to the moon would cost over $500.5 million, raising questions about its merit, given India’s well-known surplus poverty. After all, the government could replace one trip to the moon with about 500 million trips to the nearest Burger King.

Even better, the Indian government could finance numerous
learning projects to benefit its children. Like in Pakistan some of us may not approve of President Pervaiz Musharraf but at least he is trying very hard to raise the number of schools in the rural areas. For Instead of the people saying, “We went to the moon,” we would rather say, “We went to school.” Now that’s a remarkable achievement.

Balakishan please find a way to forgive me for my indiscretion but I really do not see any merits out of a space mission. You spend money; loads of it and the astronauts have to endure a terrible life. The hardships on a space ship are in abundance. I have yet to see a space ship that comes with a flush toilet. The astronauts must use a specially designed, state-of-the-art hole in the floor. Every time they use it, they create a new satellite around the earth. Perhaps one of the privileges of being an astronaut is naming these new satellites. I read about a Russian astronaut who went into serious depression after orbiting for three months around the Earth. It takes patience and toughness to be an astronaut. Trust me I know what I am saying. Can you imagine yourself in an enclosed space with two other men for three long months when none will ever take a bath? Don’t ask me why? I am not a rocket scientist. I can only guess, perhaps if you tried to take a bath or shower in the gravity-free space ship, the water would shoot straight up. Who knows the shampoo might float. And perhaps if you’re comparatively older, you’d have reason to celebrate, realizing that no part of your body is pointing downward.

In a perfect world we all will find an excuse to forgive each other. The children in India will have to find a way to forgive its government for doing nothing to combat the increasing poverty. Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf members will have to forgive Imran Khan for quitting the electoral race. The families of the innocent people who died in suicide attacks will perhaps find strength to forgive those who slaughter brazenly in the name of religion. Maybe we Pakistanis can forgive each other and develop into one nation. Sri Balakishan, may God give you the strength to forgive me for ruining you lunar trip. I on the other hand may find a way to be able to forgive Mian Nawaz Shareef for lying repeatedly when he maintained he never had a deal with the government. He later admitted to having one for only “Five years”. Balakishan refuses to answer my phone calls. Perhaps he is in no mood to forgive me but can you also please try and forgive Mian Nawaz Shareef?


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