People Show there Love For Pervaiz Musharraf in world affairs council website

siddiqifaraz on 11/20/08 at 4:09AM
i am from Pakistan and a great Fan of this man of upright character, Congratulations to world affairs council for arranging speech of our Pakistani Hero , we love him , we want him back as our president , my words for great general sb is Great General Pervaiz Musharraf Nation always remember you as saviour we want u back we know that all politicians of this country are corrupt feudals who can never allow an honest person on the helm of affairs of pakistan general sb you are not fit in corrupt political system , corrupt politicians and corrupt and biased media and deposed judiciary in pakistan, we salute you for your dedication for Pakistan and Pakistani nation you have contributed your share we shall always remember u as saviour of Pakistan Nation loves you Salar E Millat (Chief of the nation) nation Loves you , Long Live Pakistan , Long Live Pervaiz Musharraf , LovePakistan Love Pervaiz Musharraf

rabiahuq on 11/20/08 at 2:39PM
We in Pakistan feel the absence of this great leader who thought beyond himself and worked tirelessly for peace.We need him back,He represented hope for this nation and his vision of enlightened moderation is thoroughly appreciated by the literate moderates.What have we done to deserve this sham democracy or leaders who at best, are known theives and murderers?.The people of Pakistan think that the US has done enough damage by destabalising the country by forcing their version of democracy on us.

Musharraf worked FOR Pakistan, the new government are family & tribal based who work only for themselves & their families & tribal allegiences.

Some in Pakistan government call themselves Pro-democracy.

It is totally irrelevent what anything is called if the ingredients & reality is selfish, greedy &manipulative for their own purposes.

I would rather see peace & stability in Pakistan, but I think that the differences in government/tribes will destroy Pakistan as a single nation.

Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by jahanara on 11/21/08 at 1:56AM
President Musharraf was forced into resignation and a convicted money-launderer installed as the President.

President Pervez Musharraf has led Pakistan through nine of the most difficult years in its history.

During which He faced challenges both Domestically and Internationally.

Despite these challenges His Government’s Policies allowed Pakistan to catch up to the 21st century. Via the Freedom of Electronic and Print Media.

The Educated silent majority is despondent today as they have been side-lined by the induction of an infamous regime voted – to power by the illiterate Masses.

The masses of Pakistan: Live in the shadows of an embedded feudal Culture whereby: They Do not read nor write — nor do they pay taxes —- nor do they pay 25% of their income into utility bills —- yet they end-up deciding:- “who will be Leader” through an orchestrated Election by their Local feudal.

Somehow it makes no sense.

We cannot vote like the WEST [ where everyone is literate and pays his/her taxes] we must work with our ground reality and evolve a system that best suits our Country.

Pakistan needs him back.

Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by jahanara on 11/21/08 at 2:28AM
Western democracy is a system that works for the Will of a majority. In Pakistan 85% people live in a rural setting! and are very moderately religious wanting the Islamic Sharia to be Law. Not necessarily the radical interpretation of it.
Yet the 20% educated head honchos among these poor and illiterate decide for them.


…and be a Western Democracy.

We hope for world peace that USA should act with wisdom, as most of the world is not USA nor does it share its concerns. USA should build its moral authority first.

The people behind 9/11 were not Pakistanis, All think tanks world wide know it today. It was clearly a conspiracy against the Muslims! so do your own math on it and figure out who that can be.

So to fight the war on terror just in Muslim countries is acting like the ostrich or the pigeon as terror is all over the world. Muslims have just been covertly made the scape-goat.

To destabilize Pakistan was in very bad judgment and has only strengthened the real culprits everywhere in the world.

I call it the IMF or USA/UK sponsored Democracy: for the so called third world is looking so outta place in the world today ——- as it takes over the diverse third world populace with its money.

In my opinion it is devoid of responsibility for civilization.

Just like the planet the ASIAN & African Civilizations are going extinct too as the ‘$’ just walk’s into our world in exchange for a white wash on our way of life.

Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by jahanara on 11/21/08 at 3:06AM
I posting this link in order for the editor of this daily to look at this picture of a young kashmiri boy a common occurrence daily
I request the Editor to publish this picture in your daily in the name of freedom and Democracy.

Has USA never wondered Why India is not targeted by al-qaida ? yet Pakistan has been on the receiving end of suicide bombings and Pakistani Army is the recipients of the al-qaida and Taliban wrath. Makes no head or tail.

India has 20 consulates in Afghanistan to work against the Taliban n al-qaida! yet Pakistan is being bombed by al-qaida today.

Pakistani Army is the recipients of the al-qaida and Taliban wrath. Why is al-qaida not bombing India? who is against al-qaida? Makes no head or tail.

India is the leading source to provide intelligence against Pakistan to the West Yet KASHMIR IS BLEEDING UNDER THE INDIAN DEMOCRACY



Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by sherbano on 11/21/08 at 3:35AM
Pakistan was third fastest growing Economy in 2007 under Musharraf so I as a Pakistani want to know why did CIA need to replace President Musharraf.

Since X-President Musharraf’s resignation this is what has happened to Pakistan…Flight of capital , IMF is back a lack of trust and faith by Investors and endowing Public; who do not trust the government of PPP and are wary of PPP’s earlier corrupt reputation.

In the first four months of PPP, around $22 billion were withdrawn from the economy and KSE’s market capitalization fell by $29 billion. The State Bank was forced to place ban on transfer of dollar outside Pakistan.

rabiahuq on 11/21/08 at 4:17PM
Musharraf is the best man for pakistan as he gave us freedom like never before.He gave the youth a hope and a sense of wanting to come back to their own country.He started a revolution of peaceful Pakistanis who would have helped the west and in the long run been beneficial for them for this new generation of peace loving progressive Pakistanis would be helping with global peace.But instead the west wanted ‘Democracy” for us and though only 22 percent voted and that too poor uneducated masses who have no idea about what they were about to do .They voted for fuedals who have kept them uneducated and slave like .because they know no better in life.So its back to square one with ex convicts to rule us.One man who stood for decency ,progressive,modern Pakistan who was bringing about this silent change is removed.He stood for freedom of press like we never had before,he stood for an educated middle class and poor who are peaceful non poltical people who just want peace and a chance to live.So the west by not understanding the psyche of the east has messed once more.Please this beseiged nation is fighting a war which is not theirs ,having a democracy which they dont understand and having a leadership which is known worldwide to be of murderers and crooks.What do we do but just pray for the safety of our lives and children under these leaders who stop at nothing.The silent nonpolitical terrorised ,thinking peaceful people have spoken.
The US needs to understand that in order to make the world a safe place ,they need to respect and understand the different cultures of the world.Bombing and supporting regime changes and bringing in a bunch of known criminals who may be more pliable for its immediste requirements but its not the solution.Drones and bombs have not made the world a safer place but only an excuse for the extremists to breed more hate and violence.The US has a heavy responsibility as a superpower they need to be fair and see beyond Israel and India.
Pakistan has paid a heavy price for being an ally of the US .We have paid with our lives as there is a increase in terrorists attacks and an unheard of term in our country,”the suicide bombers” becomes ,a part of our lives.Our armed forces have paid with their blood as they have fought this war.Our economy which was doing just fine, has suffered and taken a dive because the US wanted a regime change and felt democracy was better for us.All this because a superpower had to win this war to save face?

sherbano on 11/23/08 at 11:09AM
I think History is Calling upon us to do the smart thing!

A true leader is a gift! and that too once in a hundred years. Musharraf was is that Leader for Pakistan today despite any short-comings.the New World Order will be based on Moral Authority and not bigotry.

“We denounce terrorism and donot want the any terrorists to use Pakistan for their nefarious designs. We cannot let Pakistan deviate from its Destiny i:e to become the Beacon of Economical Prosperity for its Citizens and for all peace loving Muslims and non Muslims..

Pakistan was never a Land for Global outlaws But ifact it is a Zind-a-bad [ living reality] onto a Paind-a-bad [ victorious destiny forever]

If USA supports the above then please help Pakistan to get back to the macro-indicators of 2007 [as were under Musharraf]

Save Pakistan from these nepotists [the current political leadership]in the garb of Democracy.

Nayyar on 11/24/08 at 1:09AM
COngratulations to ‘World Affairs Council’ on arranging such an event. Pervez Musharraf is a man, who fought boldly and with full loyality against the global wave of terrorism. He is the one, who truly understands the real cokplexity of the situation. He is the only person, I ever found in my life time, having a vision and intellect for a better Pakistan and a peacefull world.
Regardless of the perceptions being portrayed in national and international media against him, let me assure you, a majority of people of Pakistan loves that great and honest man. He has brought Pakistan to 2nd fastest growing economy after about a complete default in 1999. he has established Higher Education comission for a revolution in education field. Now, thousands of Pakistani young students are doing PhDs abroad. He introduced the real essence of democracy. He gave full liberty to media channels. There are more than 70 private channels. In 1999, there were onlty 3 state controlled channels. In feudalistic and corrupt political environment, he portrayed an example of honest and loyal leadership for the people of Pakistan.
Majority of Pakistanis love him, and wants him back to serve Pakistan. Even those, who stand against him in last few months, are now feeling regret on the mistake they done.
I wish the ‘World Affairs Council’ to give him full honour and respect, and please gift him our love and dedication.
I wish I may able to join that event….
Long live Pakistan.
Long live Pervez Musharraf.

melvinshoul on 01/11/09 at 12:32AM


It is a great, exciting news that one of the most brilliant Pakistani is invited to our country. Ya i agree to the above comments that Pakistan need people like Musharraf especially the progressive literate class of Pakistan want him back which unfortunately is in minority and the masses are playing at the hands of a corrupt political system. Musharraf’s service to his country is countless and i can write a book on it. For time being i just wanna very humbly request WORLD AFFAIR COUNCIL to please please honor this man, he is a gem both for PAK n the world. I welcome him to U.S.

siddiqifaraz on 01/11/09 at 7:53AM
I hope site owner will send our sentiments posted here to world affairs council and I request world affair council humbly to give these words (in all postings here)to our unanimous leader General Pervaiz Musharraf please show them we love him and give him our love and affection we love you Salar e millat Pervaiz Musharraf and admit your contribtion and dedication for Pakistan and Pakistanis

farrahkraja on 01/13/09 at 5:27AM
Pervaiz Musharraf is the most important man in Islamic World rather in the World today.
George Bush has pursued his war on Terror recklessly ,graves of innocent children,men and women,brutality ,utter barbarity from Palestine,Iraq,Afghanistan to Pakistan.
Pervaiz Musharraf is the man who responded with rationale to USA ,he did not surrender Pakistan to US ,he saved us and at the same time he drew a line between Terrorism and Jihad.
To be honest that was an impossible task for any Muslim.He separated Terrorism from Jihad and no wonder Extremists had many attempts on his life.
He put himself ,IN THE LINE OF FIRE ,to respond to the biggest dillema Muslim Nation around the world is facing.
Musharaff when stands up he speaks for Majority of Muslims around the world who are Peaceful,from Bangladesh,India,Saudi Arabia,USA ,Arab and Europian Muslims.
A man who represents core values of Islam ,a modern Muslim and a responsible one.
He did not compromise his faith,independence and dignity of his country.A very Resilient Muslim and we are proud of him.
His rule is highly controvercial because since 1857 Muslims believe they are born to die.Musharaff believes we are born to live.We have so much to offer.It is this man and his rationale ,role model which keeps majorly Muslims around the world calm.
Muslims are a Peaceful nation and Musharaff despite Army General and an outstanding General has brought liberalism to Pkaistan ,which Benazir and Nawaz failed to bring .He has tried to save Pakistan to save from becoming a hostage to extremists.
World must listen to him carefully.For when he is speaking Muslims are listening to him,including extremists.

drabbas on 01/14/09 at 3:44AM

I am so excited to know that the world affairs council has invited a man of great honor and vision to this conference. I find above comments very interesting and very much in accordance to the views of silent, progressive and literate class of Pakistan. Although his critics call him dictator but the fact is that he actually brought democracy to Pakistan i.e at grass root levels by introduction of local govt. system and this system did proved its worth. The mayor of Karachi is known to be amongst the best in the world, a product of this system. Being soldier doesn’t mean that one can’t have democratic values and those critizing him today are those elected by the democratic system flourished under him by a free, fair and transparent
elections. He is the founder of the independent media in Pakistan, one has to admit but some biased elements sitting in the media forget that it was because of him that they are recognized today all over Pakistan. Such elements should recognize the civilian dictators who have damaged Pakistan due to their fuedilistic mindset and this vicious cycle won’t stop until we get people like Pervez Musharraf. I don’t mean that country should be ruled by the army but atleast this man should be honored for what he did for Pakistan and the world. We all love him very much, please convey our messages to him. Those crticising him can’t reduce our love for this man of honor whatever excuses they bring. He did not impose him on this country, it was a coup and history will prove his worth. regards

nijaz on 01/14/09 at 6:58AM
We are pretty much sure that US cannot be a friend to Pakistan. So, when Musharraf started yelling back to US and submitted the proofs of their involvements in Pakistani Al-Qaida, they had have much better choice in the shape of PPP.

abid501 on 01/14/09 at 3:58PM
I have been watching Pakistani Politics for some time from long distance

Musharraf has been the greatest leader I have ever seen in my life time

He has done what he peomissed. I think he has done some mistakes but not blunders

People currently in charge are so called elected but got “sympathy votes only ” and currently main political parties (Nawaz and Zardari) are both Coward leaders who flee Pakistan with no dignity and no protest from Pakistani people whemn they were kicked out

Now they are back Looting the money again .They are only doing blame game since last one year. They all forgot their promise of undoing the so called wrongdoing of Musharraf
Nawaz promised he will bring Qadeer Khan as president. We never heard Nawaz repeated this once since election
Zardari promised to restore judges :He did not
Nawaz insisted because he wanted judges who will favor him not because he wanted Justice

Musharraf ruled 9 years facing all challenges with dignity and courage and diplomatically dealt US .Currently we are failing in all aspets of life.

I know no body is indispensible . But
we need Musharraf back as a civilian president to help our country

Congrtaes to World Affairs Council for inviting Musharraf
Abid Mohiuddin


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