Musharaf slam US for not giving due aid to Pakistan

Washington: Former President Pervez Musharraf complained in an interview Friday that Afghanistan was getting much mre US aid than Pakistan, despite its (Pakistan) role as a top US ally against terror.
Musharraf, who resigned in August , bristeld at any suggested comparison betgween Afghanistan and Pakistan, saying that Pakistan “is a very established country” with a functional democracy that was only indirectly involved with terrorism “Terrorism emanated from Afghanistan because of Mujahideen and militant Taliban are all products of Afghanistan. it is onlysupport that they get from Pakistan “, He Told CNN.
“So letus be very clear where terrorism is originating from”.
The Ex President said Pakistan’s efforts in the US led fight aginst terror should be rewarded with greater assistance, although he said he was thankful for $10 billion Pakistan received while he was president.
Half of the US aid, Musharraf said,”is for facilities and services provided by Pakistan”, with an additional quarter for “military assistance” including “wear and tear” of equipment and the remaining quarter “for social development”.
But he said the amount was a pittance compared what Paksitan’s neighbour were recieving.
“If you compare what you spent in Afghanistan, I believe I read an article where roughly $143 billions have been spent in Afghanistan. what have you spent in Iraq? may be over a trillion dollars?”.
“This is what hurts Pakistan. It hurts the leadership indeed it hurts the government. It hurts people of Pakistan that Pakistan is treated so unequally while we are the ones who are in the lead role fighting the global war on terror”, Musharraf regretted.
Asked why al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden hasnot been found yet, Musharaf shot back , saying it wasnt Pakistan’s business. “I would like to ask the united states why he has not been found. they have more intelligence capability, I would like to ask the US why Mullah Omer hasnot been found yet.” AFP


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