26 Jan 2009
Dear brothers and sisters

Assalam alaikum

CIA Plans to Split India By 2015
Indians are in for a shock therapy at the hands of CIA. The secrets are now out. CIA (read Zionists)want to use India to destroy Pakistan and contain China then break India as well, so much for Indian strategic alliance with US (under the wings of Israel). Image showing a shocking revelation, an army officer, one of the 452 witnesses in the September 29 Malegaon blast case, has revealed in his statement that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had a grand design to split India into smaller independent countries by 2015…

Kurkure Death
Hindu Zionists in trouble!!. Indian media also demanding investigations on Kurkure’s killings. Everyone knows who killed the cop but few dare to speak. such is the fascist power of Hindu Zionists in India.

Syrian Attacks
Another Israeli attack which destroyed Muslim nuke potential. Israel’s next target is Pakistan and we, inshallah, are prepared for them. Our leaders continue to betray us but our Allah has not abandoned us. Inshallah khair.

RAW RAW rocks the boat
Sri Lankan paper expose RAW’s game in Baluchistan. It is time we seriously work to make India smaller so that their fitna can be crushed. The Indian Zionists don’t understand the language of co-existence or peace.

Foreign Froops a Threat To Region
The statement of Governor NWFP is a truly dignified and bold stance and would be much appreciated by the nation and armed forces though the PPP government would be surely embarrassed. There is a reason why PPP government is trying to change the brave and courageous Pashtun Governor of NWFP. He is too honourable, proud and nationalist for PPP’s standards.


Zaid Hamid


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