Is Maryam Nawaz Sharif Better Than Farah Dogar?


Mr. Nawaz Sharif is the most honest politician in Pakistan today. Or is he? The Pakistani people still have not had time to question the failures of this former prime minister who ruled them twice. Today, Mr. Sharif is championing the case of marks-fixing that benefited the daughter of the Chief Justice. Fair enough. But what about the marks-fixing of Mr. Sharif’s own daughter back in the 1990s? Who will make Mr. Sharif pay for that?



Friday, 19 December 2008.



ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The ‘N’ League and its wicked leader, former prime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif, is playing a dirty role in Pakistani politics once again. I want to share my point of view here as I cannot bear the hypocrisy Mr. Sharif and his party and cannot see more harm for my beloved country caused by conspiracies of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, whom I like to lovingly call ‘the balding fascist.’


Mr. Sharif is already responsible for turning a rising Pakistan into a beggar Pakistan as a result of the lawyers’ movement and the forced resignation of General Musharraf.


Who in the Zardari government offered a bribe to Nawaz Sharif, as he is alleging?


It is the duty of Nawaz Sharif to unveil the person who tried to bribe him, if he is reluctant then it is the duty of you, the journalists, to expose this wicked person and his aims and his hypocrisy. It is your duty to bring facts before the nation. And it’s not just the hypocrisy of Nawaz Sharif. You also have to include the names of the paid journalists and TV anchors on Mr. Sharif’s payroll like […] and […].  This ‘anchor mafia’ highlights issues of importance to Nawaz Sharif and closes its eyes otherwise.


Please highlight the issue of Maryam Nawaz Sharif, how she got admission in a medical college and completed MBBS. If Chief Justice Dogar has not right to be the Chief Justice of Pakistan because of his daughter’s issue then Nawaz Sharif also has no right to lead the nation if the list of accusations regarding his misrule are correct, especially with reference to the charge made by Mr. Altaf Hussain, the MQM leader, that Mr. Sharif used his influence to improve the marks of his daughter and get her into a medical school. If true, Mr. Sharif should immediately retire from politics on account of using his powers illegally. We
should not overlook the corruption of Mr. Sharif, whom I like to refer to as the ‘baldy fascist’.


This is also a matter of national interest because if Maryam Nawaz Sharif did grab a seat in a medical school illegally, then this means that there is a legitimate Pakistani candidate out there who had the right to be a doctor and is probably jobless today. Maybe he or she has committed suicide. Who will answer for the injustice?


Mr. Sharif may succeed in hiding his crime in this world but the Divine Authority is present and He will do justice at an appropriate time.

What is the purpose of this ‘Farah Dogar’ campaign?

Before answering, I ask: What was the purpose of the previous parallel campaign in favor of Iftikhar Chaudhry (I cannot accept him even as a Judge of the Supreme Court)?


The sole purpose of the havoc created by the lawyers who were backed and encouraged by the ‘N’ League was to remove General Musharraf from office and they succeeded. So now the ‘N’ League believes it has a tool in its hand in the form of bar councils to topple every government and they are using it successfully. The purpose of the current politicization of Justice Dogar’s issue is twofold. First, they want to get rid of Hameed Dogar and restore another corrupt and biased person as the chief justice of Pakistan. Once Iftikhar Chaudhry is restored, as the ‘N’ League hopes, the other purpose will come into action: calling for midterm elections and – if Nawaz Sharif wins – move to take revenge from Pervez Musharraf.


Yes, it sounds silly. But it’s all about revenge for a man as bitter as Mr. Sharif. Believe it or not. He wants to achieve every thing by his conspiratorial politics.

For how long more will the Pakistanis have to bear this ‘Chief Justice Issue’ (both Mr. Dogar and Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry)? Answer: Until Mr. Nawaz Sharif succeeds in his political goals. And he is successfully using a few paid ‘anchor mafia’ journalists and some anti-State TV channels for this purpose.


President Zardari has to look into this matter immediately and wisely otherwise damage is the destiny of not just the PPP government but also the nation as well.


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